• Driving pleasure comes largely from the performance of the tires, and the improvement of tire grip is the basic direction to improve handling. Especially in the racing field, such attributes will be magnified geometrically.


  • The tires of a motorcycle during driving are equivalent to a pair of human feet, and a good pair of tires is equivalent to a good pair of shoes. Tires are also crucial for motorcycles during driving.


  • Everyone knows that tires are a kind of consumables, and they need to be replaced in a timely manner after being used for a certain period of time. Otherwise, they will pose a threat to the lives of car owners, as will motorcycles. However, among the many parts of motorcycles, tires seem to be unimportant, but it is also the most difficult part to understand. Many people do not pay attention when changing tires, which affects their lifespan, so how to choose a motorcycle What about tires?


  • There are three main aspects that determine tire performance: 1. Tire width and height; 2. Tire tread material; 3. Tire tread pattern. These three aspects are not only independent parameters, but also related to each other. Together, they determine the "three triangle sides" of tire performance.


  • The tire is responsible for the contact between the car body and the ground, transmitting all the forces between the road surface and the body.


  • The full name of ATV is All Terrain Vehicle (transportation tool suitable for all terrains). AVT tires are special tires specially adapted to this type of vehicle.