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Can the repaired tire run at high speed?


Tire repair is external and internal. External replenishment, there is a saying called "a shot", that is, from the surface of the tire, a rubber strip filled with glue is inserted into the hole of the tire. This is time-saving and convenient, but it may be swollen after a short time. So, it’s best not to run at high speed.

Internal supplements are currently more mainstream, and there are three types, cold supplements, hot supplements and mushroom nails.

Cold patch, also called "plaster", is applied with a film similar to a plaster, then rolled with a roller, and glued together with the tire. Cold repair does not cause much damage to the tires, but the requirements for craftsmanship are high, so go to a professional tire shop. Cold tonic is relatively safe, you can rest assured to go to high speed.

Hot patch, also known as "fire patch", is similar to cold patch, except that there is an additional heating process. The safety factor of this method is too low.

At present, the mainstream is to use mushroom nails, just like pushing a thumbtack, the airtight layer is sealed, and there is a polishing process, which is safer and no problem on high speed.