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Tire markings for off-road motorcycle races, junior off-road motorcycle races, off-road and off-road motorcycle tires

Red double stripe-racing tires for off-road motorcycles, made of the hardest tread rubber, suitable for soft and sandy terrain.
Red and yellow stripes-off-road motorcycle racing tires, made of medium-hard tread rubber, suitable for weak to medium terrain.
Red and green stripes-racing tires for off-road motorcycles, made of softer tread rubber, suitable for medium and hard roads.
Red stripes-Tires for junior off-road motorcycle races and pit stops.
White stripes-winter off-road motorcycle tires (lengthened, off-road motorcycles and ice off-road motorcycles); it has a classic carcass and a special soft mixture (the mixture is still flexible and elastic at low temperatures up to -10°C ).

Stripe-free tires-off-road motorcycle tires are suitable for training and hobby riding.