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The importance of tires


Tires, as the only medium for the vehicle to contact the ground, shoulder important responsibilities such as load bearing, braking and driving safety. When a vehicle is running on a normal road, the area where the tires really contact the ground is definitely not much larger than the area where the soles of our shoes touch the ground when we walk on the road. With such a small contact area, so many important and complicated tasks need to be completed. At this time, the pattern on the tire plays a vital role.

1. Road tires are referred to as HT tires. Generally speaking, neutral road tread tires are usually installed on new vehicles when off-road vehicles leave the factory. They are mainly used for road driving. They are characterized by soft sidewalls and fine tread patterns. Such as Cooper DISCOVERER HTS.

2. The role of the tire: increase the friction between the tire and the ground; reduce tire noise and enhance comfort; heat and drain the tire; improve vehicle handling performance; aesthetics and enhance visual effects.