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How much do you know about tire patterns?

We all know that shoes without a pattern on the bottom will definitely slip, and the pattern of the tire is the same. Different patterns have different uses, just like we wear sports shoes when climbing, usually wear casual shoes, and wear non-slip shoes on rainy days. Reason. What do you know about the role of tire patterns?
The tire pattern bears many responsibilities, such as increasing the friction between the tire and the ground, reducing tire noise, enhancing comfort, dissipating heat for the tire, draining water, improving vehicle handling, etc.; different patterns, the tire exhibits different performance. The pattern of the tire can be divided into longitudinal pattern, horizontal pattern, mixed pattern and no stripes.
The lateral pattern tire is also called a horn pattern tire. Unlike the longitudinal pattern, the pattern of this tire is broken in the longitudinal direction and continuous in the lateral direction. This structure allows it to have a good grip and good braking ability. However, the tire noise is too large and the resistance is also large when turning at high speed. It is easy to wear the tread when increasing fuel consumption. Therefore, this tire is basically used in agricultural vehicles, such as tractors and harvesters.
Longitudinal patterns, also called stripe patterns, are consistent with the direction of rotation of the tire, and are formed into one or more continuous circles. Longitudinal Huawen has good heading and drainage performance, good heat dissipation, and low resistance when rolling forward, but this pattern is easy to embed in stones and the grip is not strong enough, so it is not suitable for walking on gravel roads. Only suitable for clean urban roads.
The vertical pattern is responsible for drainage and can throw the water out when rolling; the horizontal pattern provides grip or friction, which allows the car to drive forward and has better power. Such as cars, trucks, and buses, most of the hybrid patterns we have seen.
There is also a tire called an asymmetrical pattern. The left and right sides of the tire use different pattern structures and different rubber materials. This design will make the pattern on the outside of the tire wear resistant and the overall performance is more comprehensive. One side is better for drainage than the other, and the other side focuses on grip, and the fit is quite good when turning. Asymmetrical patterns like this are generally used for competitive cars or high-performance cars.
The grooves of the block-patterned tires are all connected to each other to form an independent block structure. The driving force and braking force are particularly strong, and they are generally used for off-road vehicles and engineering vehicles. According to the different conditions of use, it is mainly divided into all-terrain AT tires, off-road mud road MT tires and highway HT tires.
The single guide pattern has the characteristics of low resistance, high speed level and good control performance. It has relatively good drainage capacity on the road, and its sports performance is very good. It is generally used in sports cars and sports SUVs, which is relatively expensive.
In terms of tire performance, the effect of the tire pattern is unusual, and the effect of different patterns on the tire is also different, so when the tire shop owner recommends the tire to the customer, the role of the different pattern is introduced to the customer. Is responsible for himself.