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When the car is at the maximum inclination angle, what is the principle that the driver has opened the throttle according to the front shock stroke?

As everyone knows that the accepted best brake force ratio is 7 before 3, then what is the best ratio of front and rear tire load when the car is cornering? The answer is before 4 after 6. This means that in order to achieve such a load ratio when cornering, the driver's task is to use the throttle to move 10 to 20% of the weight backwards, so that the front and rear tires always maintain the optimal load ratio of the front 4 and the rear 6! This small throttle allows your tires to maintain traction while still exerting maximum grip and stability at the lowest pitch. In fact, this is easy to understand. You can try to do a small experiment, turn around on the open ground, and maintain a certain throttle opening will be lower and more stable than the fully closed throttle.

How small is the throttle?

There is no fixed answer here! Because in reality, each corner and the horsepower of each car are different, but there are a few principles we can follow: there is a certain throttle but the tires of the car do not slip and the line is not thrown away (going big). In order to achieve such a balance, the driver needs to constantly practice and experience.

Such a driving habit may be brand new to many riders. There is no doubt that the level of a driver depends on the proficiency of this driving style. Mastering the characteristics of the tires on the track allows you to achieve a greater inclination and open the throttle earlier, which is the key to winning the race in the race.

Returning to real riding, the above tire characteristics are also suitable for our daily riding. Riding fast is not necessarily dangerous, and riding slowly is not necessarily safe! Knowing the characteristics of your car's tires plays a vital role in our daily safety and fast riding. Wrong driving habits such as: turning on and off the throttle, braking, and suddenly releasing the brakes in the corner may exhaust the last grip of the tire in the corner. The tire will never communicate with you before the grip is lost. Yes, so it is recommended that those who love driving learn orthodox driving habits. Because maybe one day your car will give you a hard lesson.