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Do you know the common sense of motorcycle tire maintenance?


The tires of a motorcycle during driving are equivalent to a pair of human feet, and a good pair of tires is equivalent to a good pair of shoes. Tires are also crucial for motorcycles during driving.


The functions of motorcycle tires in driving are:


1: Direct contact with the ground, carrying the weight of the car.


2: The elasticity after inflation can relax and absorb the vibration caused by uneven road during driving.


3: Ensure that the vehicle will not slip during driving.

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What are the main points of motorcycle tire maintenance:


The proper inflation pressure of the tire can make the motorcycle have the maximum traction and stability, and the service life will be longer. If the tire pressure is too large, the stability of the vehicle will be reduced, and there will be a feeling of jumping when crossing the bumpy road.


Keep the motorcycle tires intact and the tread clean:


After each ride, check the treads of the front and rear tires to prevent small stones or other foreign objects in the pattern. Check the tire pressure when you go out to prevent unnecessary accidents.


Avoid light exposure


Frequent exposure to the sun will make the tire dry and aging. When parking the motorcycle, it must be placed in a ventilated place that is moisture-proof, sun-proof, and rain-proof. This can play a certain role on the tires of the car or on the vehicle's shell and circuits. For protection, do not put the tire in a corrosive place. If you do not move the car for a long time, it is best to support the car to prevent deformation caused by long-term load.