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How to judge the characteristics of tires?


There are three main aspects that determine tire performance: 1. Tire width and height; 2. Tire tread material; 3. Tire tread pattern. These three aspects are not only independent parameters, but also related to each other. Together, they determine the "three triangle sides" of tire performance.


The wider the tire, the lower the flatness ratio (the ratio of the sidewall height to the tire tread width multiplied by 100), which means that the hollow layer in the tire is thinner.Therefore, the faster the transmission speed of the force, the more direct the transmission, that is, the better the steering performance of the tire, but at the same time, the comfort will be reduced, and the risk of flat tires will increase significantly when the flatness rate is below 40.In addition, tires are the first buffer for road vibration. The smaller the flatness ratio of the tire, the thinner the "airbag" of the tire, and the sidewall requires higher hardness to support the weight of the body. Therefore, the thinner the tire, the more direct the road feel, compared with the thicker tire. Has been reduced.

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The tire tread material is the key to the performance of the tire. The choice of tire material must take into account the impact of several aspects such as hardness, friction coefficient, and abrasion resistance on tire performance. Generally speaking, high-performance oriented tires are made of rubber with high grip (friction), which has low hardness and low abrasion resistance, which means that road noise, high rolling resistance, durability and fuel economy are more likely to occur. The performance is not as good as the general OE products of car manufacturers.


The tread pattern of the tire can further develop the characteristics of the tire material, or through the optimized design of the pattern, certain performances of the tire can be improved to a certain extent. In general, we define a tire with strong grip as a high-performance tire. The tire block of a high-performance tire (the entire tire surface surrounded by the tire pattern) is larger and the tread is less, so the tread strength is high and the grip performance is good. . But on the contrary, the drainage performance will be weakened as the tire pattern decreases, and the tire noise will be stronger.