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Definition of ATV tires


The full name of ATV is All Terrain Vehicle (transportation tool suitable for all terrains). AVT tires are special tires specially adapted to this type of vehicle. ATV tire products are mainly used in ATV off-road vehicles, made of high-quality butyl rubber and natural rubber, with excellent quality. At present, most of the mainstream ATV tires in the world are high-speed, high-performance, flat, and tubeless high-end motorcycle tires. They are mainly used in ATV and Gough tires. The military field is also a big market for AVT tires.

According to its appearance, All Terrain Vehicle can barely be translated as "all-terrain four-wheel off-road locomotive", but it is usually called "ATV" because on soft sand, ATV's wide tires can increase contact with the ground Area, which generates greater friction, and the unique tread pattern makes the tire not easy to slip and slip, making it easy to drive on sand, but in fact, ATV with good quality and excellent performance can not only drive on the beach, riverbed, forest road, Streams and even worse desert terrain can be easily conquered by it. Carrying people or transporting goods makes the function of ATV to the fullest, and it can be called a versatile mobile tool. Atv tires are full-vacuum big-flower tires, and it looks very wide compared to ordinary car tires. Since AVT tires are non-regulated tires, they have many specifications and patterns.