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How often does the tire change?

Tire replacement time: driving mileage reaches 50-60,000 kilometers. Regularly check the baseline of the tire wear mark of the car. When the tire wear on the outside of the tire reaches the replacement baseline, it means that the tire must be replaced. In addition, when there is uneven wear on the tire surface or edge, or when there is bulging on the side of the tire, it is necessary to replace the new tire.

Most tires are not safe after running 50,000 kilometers. In theory, it is necessary to replace tires. However, current private cars are rarely replaced so early. First, small partners cherish the car, and second, the road conditions of the car are basically very good. As long as the speed is not increased frequently, drag racing, tail flicking, emergency braking, etc., and the tires are 70,000 to 80,000 kilometers, there is little doubt.