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  • JK 679 Highway Flower Tire is your good choice.Swap tires are determined according to actual usage, and generally can be swapped once for about 20,000 kilometers.


  • SW 693 Trailer tire is your good choice.International standard tire specifications: In millimeters, each logo separately expresses tire width, aspect ratio, tire type, rim diameter, load index, and speed level. Take the specification of a tire as an example:


  • JK 001 ATV Universal Tire is your good choice.The full name of ATV is All Terrain Vehicle (a vehicle suitable for all terrains). AVT tires are special tires specially adapted to this type of vehicle.


  • Small Square ATV Universal Tire is your good choice. The "inch" referred to here should be inches 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters 10 inches = 25.4 centimeters The tire size generally refers to the diameter of the wheel hub, that is, the diameter of the inner ring of the tire.


  • The use of various textures in Off-road Motorcycle Tire Off-road Motorcycle Tire is a very good quality tire.JK 620-02 Off-road Motorcycle Tire isEvery type of tire is not a panacea. Motorcycle tires with different tread patterns have their main uses and advantages and disadvantages. Motorcycle tires touch various roads every day, and their patterns directly affect the driver's control and comfort of the vehicle! The choice of motorcycle tires is also related to the driving quality and the driving experience of different types of motorcycles.


  • The standard air pressure of the Trailer Tire is indicated on the tires. It mainly depends on how much cargo is pulled. If it is a steel wire tire that pulls 1 to 5 tons, the air pressure is about 8. Pull cargo 10-15 tons, about 10 air pressure. To pull the cargo 20 tons, about 12 to 13 atmospheres. The maximum air pressure should not exceed 14 air pressures. The higher the damage to the tire, the greater the damage! . 1. Generally, there are 13 steel wire tires for 1000-20, and 13 for 1100-20. If it is 900, it will be 11 pieces.